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When you're not feeling great about how you look and feel, self-care usually gets put last on your list of things to do. This makes sense, in that it's not easy to be loving and caring toward something you don't like; in this case, your body. Yet, the irony is the more you care for your body, the better you will feel. Coming to a place where you love and accept your body is a process, and self-care is a vital part of that process. It demonstrates your willingness to open your heart where it has been closed. Your body is doing its part to be its best for you. Self-care is you being willing to do your part to be your best for your body.

What is one self-care action you've been putting off? Choose an action that you know will help you feel better about some part of your body you don't particularly like. Make the decision to complete this action within the next 48 hours. Be sure to include some time spent focused on feeling appreciation and gratitude for yourself and your body. You deserve to feel the light of your own love.

With much love,

Niki Svara


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